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SoftChalk Cloud allows educators to create, manage and share engaging, interactive content for their digital curriculum.


Create-your-own engaging, interactive, media-rich learning content with ease.

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  • Review Sample SoftChalk Lessons

    Take a look at some of the sample lessons on the SoftChalk website to get an idea of how other educators have used SoftChalk Cloud. You can search for additional lessons and learning objects available in SoftChalk Share, our open educational resource learning object repository. And don’t forget to check out award-winning lessons from our annual SoftChalk Lesson Challenges.
  • Review Sample SoftChalk Interactives

    SoftChalk Cloud includes over 30 different interactive templates and quiz question types that you can customize to create an endless number of interactives for any subject or grade level. Take a look at these sample activities and quizzes to give you some ideas for activities of your own. They’re all easy to create.
  • Read the SoftChalk Cloud Quick Start Guide

    This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting-up your SoftChalk Cloud account, creating SoftChalk lessons, saving your lessons to the Cloud and adding links to your LMS.
  • Innovators in Online Learning

    This series highlights educators who are using SoftChalk in innovative ways. They're a great resource if you’re looking for new and exciting ways to use SoftChalk!
  • Watch the Create a Lesson Video Tutorial

    See how to quickly set-up a SoftChalk Cloud account, create a lesson, save your lesson to the Cloud and add the link to your LMS.

Using SoftChalk Cloud without an LMS


  • Yes, you can even track student scores WITHOUT an LMS!

    Sometimes you just can’t use an LMS to deliver your learning content. But you still want to collect student scores. SoftChalk Cloud has a solution for you! The SoftChalk Cloud ScoreCenter provides a variety of ways to customize the delivery and tracking of score results from your SoftChalk lessons. For more details, please see our SoftChalk Cloud Guide.
  • Other Score Tracking Options

    In addition to traditional gradebook tracking options, SoftChalk Cloud offers options that include emailing score reports to instructors, printed score summaries and generating certificates of completion.

    Contact us for more info about how to manage and track student outcomes with SoftChalk!


Video Tutorials

Add a

SoftChalk Cloud's ScoreCenter

How to create a ScoreCenter, authenticate students, share results with team teachers, track lessons, change grading methods and attempts, and view detailed student score results.

Check out these ADDITIONAL RESOURCES to get you onboard with SoftChalk Cloud!

User Guides


SoftChalk Cloud Quick Start Guide - This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting-up your SoftChalk Cloud account, creating SoftChalk lessons, saving your lessons to the Cloud and adding links to your LMS.

SoftChalk Cloud Guide - Complete details on using your SoftChalk Cloud account to create, manage and share digital content.

SoftChalk Create Guide - Step-by-step instructions for SoftChalk Create, the content authoring program that comes with your SoftChalk Cloud account.

Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons - Guidelines and tips for students using SoftChalk lessons.

Migration to SoftChalk Cloud Guide - Information for SoftChalk desktop uses who are migrating content to SoftChalk Cloud.

Training Opportunities (FREE!)

Short Courses - These live, one-hour webinars include step-by-step instructions and examples as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive assistance from the instructor.

Watch the SoftChalk Cloud Video Tutorials - Within minutes, you can master SoftChalk by viewing our step-by-step video tutorials. These videos are short, sweet and focused so you can pick and choose just the ones you need to get your eLearning content online with SoftChalk.

Need Technical Info?

If you are experiencing difficulties getting started with SoftChalk Cloud, the following technical information may be of assistance.

System Specifications - Please see our system specifications page for additional information about computer system requirements to use SoftChalk Cloud.

Firewall Info - If your institution has a firewall, please see the FAQ: I think my institution has a firewall that is preventing me from saving content to SoftChalk Cloud. What should I do?