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Drive superior academic and economic institutional outcomes with OER

by lowering costs and increasing success for students

Join a cohort of like-minded leaders to adopt an OER initiative that centers on learning outcomes and faculty engagement fully supported by industry recognized OER experts.

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Gerry Hanley

Gerry Hanley

MERLOT, SkillsCommon, California State University Long Beach

Sue Evans

Sue Evans


Rick Lumadue

Rick Lumadue

SkillsCommons, California State University Long Beach



Institutional Change

Student Success


CSCC professors used an OER platform to create free electronic materials for Anatomy and Physiology courses because their students were having to choose between paying for books and paying for living expenses. The team wrote content, developed interactive lessons, and created homework.

Exam scores increased, students were more engaged, and students saved $180,000 in textbook costs each semester.


The KSU Distance Education program invested in free course materials to increase student retention and credit accumulation. The team implemented an OER platform in their technical communications program, creating a course full of interactive lessons, quizzes, videos, and activities.

The results were encouraging, with 95% of students responding positively to the change. Grades improved, and fewer students dropped, failed, or withdrew from the courses.

Design a scalable OER initiative that lowers costs and increases success for students, and provides positive academic and economic ROI for your institution.

Free Webinar: Wednesday, April 21 at 3 pm Eastern