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Drive superior learning outcomes with OER

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SkillsCommons OER Makeover Strategy with SoftChalk

Session 1: Hidden Potential

Hidden Potential

Wednesday, August 28, 3pm Eastern

Participants were introduced to the SkillsCommons Open Educational Resources (OER) makeover strategy with SoftChalk. Participants discovered the benefits of using SoftChalk to makeover OER and explored the free tools in SkillsCommons to support successful makeovers to achieve goals more cost-effectively and efficiently.​

Session 2: Design on a Dime

Design on a Dime

Wednesday, May 5, 3pm Eastern

We demonstrated how to quickly and easily reuse Open Educational Resources (OER) found in SkillsCommons using the tools of SoftChalk. Participants were guided in a step-by-step process on how to freely download packaged presentations from SkillsCommons and successfully upload them to a new lesson wrapped in SoftChalk.

Session 3: Love it and Embed it

Love it and Embed it

Wednesday, May 12, 3pm Eastern

We demonstrated how to embed content found in SkillsCommons using SoftChalk’s tools. In this interactive presentation participants got hands on practice on how to reuse and remix an Open Educational Resource (OER) simulation with a corresponding interactive lab activity found in SkillsCommons and embedded them in a SoftChalk lesson.

Session 4: Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover

Wednesday, May 19, 3pm Eastern

We demonstrated the process of reusing, revising and remixing Open Educational Resources (OER) for an online course found in SkillsCommons using SoftChalk’s tools to transform them into interactive, accessible materials. Materials in this makeover included readable pdfs, images, embedded videos/presentations, quizzes, an OER textbook, activities, and more.